Samsung Galaxy S2 /S II Attain for AT&T Spotted: Release Closer?

We have written innumerable articles about the smartphone that everybody seems to be talking about, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II). At the moment a lot of the questions are about when this impressive Android handset will actually see a U.S. release and we have news today that the Galaxy S2 version for AT&T, otherwise known as the Attain, has been spotted.

We recently told how it was now possible to order the Galaxy S II unlocked from Amazon U.S. and OSM’s Maddy Rowe brought you details of various names that the Galaxy S2 would be launched as on U.S carriers. For those waiting for it to come to U.S. carriers we detailed rumors of a Sprint release in July, where it would be known as the Within. We then reported on rumors of a Verizon release (the Function) in July although the source of those rumors later said that they were referring to a different product altogether. However that’s not to say a July release on Verizon may not be forthcoming.

Now we have news that the Galaxy S2 aka the Samsung Attain for AT&T has been leaked on the Samsung Mobile U.S. Facebook page. What appears to be the Attain was shown in an image although there are slight differences to the Galaxy S2 that has so far been available for other markets. Chuong Nguyen over on Gotta Be Mobile brings us the news of this leak and points to the AT&T branding on the sleek phone that is also in either a desk dock or multimedia dock. The buttons look to be altered from those on the Galaxy S2 released previously and Nguyen points out that they follow the traditional Android button layout, with four capacitive touch buttons. Apparently the image was obtained from a Samsung Galaxy S2 accessories album on the Samsung Singapore Facebook page.

It would be easy to look at the leaked image and think you were looking at the Samsung Infuse 4G but slight differences to the location of the power button lead Nguyen to believe that this is in fact the Samsung Attain for AT&T. It follows the pattern of the previous Samsung Galaxy S handset, which also had different branding for different U.S. carriers. There’s still no news of a release date for the AT&T Attain yet, but as this image has now leaked it suggests it will not be too far away now.

Meanwhile if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about regarding the Galaxy S2 you may be interested in our review roundup and our article from earlier today about how the iPhone 5 camera is expected to match the excellent camera on the Galaxy S2. You may also be interested in an article over on PC World by Ross Catanzariti who details 5 things to love about the S2. Are you waiting for the Galaxy S2 to hit the U.S. and if so which carrier will you be choosing? Let us know by sending us your comments.

  • Mostafa Saadat

    How about Canada?

  • Carlton Flowers

    I can’t decide between the Galaxy S2 and the Infuse. By August, I fully expect the Infuse to be $99 or so. The S2 is probably going to be $200 right out of the gate. I want the biggest possible display, which would be the Infuse, but the dual core processor of the S2 is very attractive. It might just boil down to price.

  • Debbie Turner

    Hi Mostafa, We’ve just written another post about a Canada release for the Galaxy S2 which you can see at this link

  • don

    TMobile was supposed to be first to launch and now they are not even mentioned? What gives?

  • Byron Ray Jr

    If you get the Infuse 4G…Then the GS2 Attain releases… you will be kicking yourself in the head trust me.

    Infuse = Captivate (which I do own) with bigger & better screen, also with 4G radio.

    Attain = Samsung’s flagship phone! It’s one of the most powerful Android phones currently out there.

  • Anonymous

    Finally Samsung Galaxy S2 is coming at least I am Glad for that …..