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PSN Hack: 3 Suspects Arrested Over Huge Cyber Theft

June 11, 2021 | Matt Tran

Some good news has come from the well publicised PlayStation Network outage that Sony and its users were hit by last month. Not only has full service been restored, 3 arrests have been made over the most notorious cyber theft in history.

The hackers broke into Sony’s network and made off with the personal details of over 80 million users, if that was not bad enough it caused almost a month of frustration for eager gamers as they could not play online. According to Electric Pig, 3 suspects have been arrested in Spain, all being members of the hacking activist group “Anonymous”.

During the crisis which saw millions of users offline, Anonymous publicly spoke out and claimed that they were not behind the attack. With many taking their word for it and focusing their attention on finding a solo mastermind thief, it appears that the men in masks may have been telling porkies after all. The Spanish law are holding the 3 suspects with more arrests expected. Sony should now beware of a new threat posed by LulzSec.

This has been somewhat a bonus as the suspects have also been connected to various other cyber crime such as on Spanish banks and an Italian energy firm. The Huffington Post has reported that the hackers were rumbled after it was discovered that a computer server in one of their homes was used to take part in cyber attacks on a number of targets including Sony.

So what kind of punishment do these criminals deserve if found guilty? Depriving us from a month of online play is bad enough, but stealing our credit card details in my eyes warrants some very serious jail time. Leave us your thoughts on this in the comments section, should these Anonymous leaders have an example made out of them?

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