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LulzSec: Pulls Down Various Site Info - Tips Hat At Facebook

June 11, 2021 | Tim Ollason

Since mid April some of the biggest news on the web surrounds hacking and exploitation of different things mainly because of the actions taken against Sony by a hacker group. Sony claims it was ANON who did the deed although you would have thought they would have gloated in victory at Sony.

Another hacker that’s been working his magic is LulzSec they have shown snippets of data from Sony’s PSN and published it, LulzSec also condemned Sony for not encrypting the data. Since then Sony has had more data pictured of 37,000 user’s data being accessed as well helping out the NHS system to point out their security flaws. Now LulzSec has managed to pull down various site info but has tipped their hat at Facebook out of respect.

They managed to get the admin passwords for 55 adult entertainment sites as well as a load of other usernames and passwords where people are verifying that these work not only on the sites but also on their hotmail accounts as people will usually stick to one password. They have also managed to take down a site for a short time that’s said to be involved in terror. You can check all of this out over on their Twitter account by clicking here.

Interestingly the hacking group has given Facebook security the nod of approval by tipping their hats at them for locking down the emails located on the list that they had. LulzSec says that this is the sort of security that earns a tip of the hat.

What do you think of LulzSec? Are they using their talents for good? Let us know in the comments section below.

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