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ISYS Sue Google Over “Chromebook” Name Infringement

June 11, 2021 | Matt Tran

Google are facing a lawsuit from tech company ISYS over the naming of their “Chromebook” system. ISYS believes that this name infringes the name of their product, the “ChromiumPC”.

The Xi3 Corporation owner is seeking a restraining order to temporarily prevent Google from further marketing their Chrome OS devices, Geeky Gadgets has reported. These companies have previous history, as it was Google who kicked up a fuss about ISYS trademarking their “ChromiumPC” name, with the search engine giant complaining it was too close to their “Chromium OS” name.

ISYS has spoken on the matter, stating that they do not mind companies like Google developing products and selling them, so long as they do not infringe their intellectual property. We have seen a number of different lawsuits this year, including Facebook V Winklevoss twins, Facebook V Ceglia, Apple V Samsung and PayPal V Google.

So with Google having 2 different legal tussles on their hands, will they be able to resolve these issues and continue business? It will be hard to get to the bottom of this trademark infringement mess as the names from both parties are very similar. Leave us your thoughts on Google’s lawsuits and if you think they are guilty of infringement.

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