Twitter Paving The Way In Brand Marketing, How?

The use of social media is on the increase particularly with businesses promoting their brands. In the past we have brought you news detailing companies using Facebook, branded names such as Nestle, Sony Ericsson, sporting name HEAD, Kleenex and so on. But have we ever considered how rival Twitter are doing in the quest to attract potential customers to their site?

Over at Mashable, Dave Kerpen has given you a brief rundown of 9 brands that have made a success using Twitter. We had a look through for ourselves and picked out just 4 of our favorites, with a brief synopsis of each and how they proved online social networking can actually help and not hinder.

Starting off with the first, our favorite that of Starbucks. The brand is something that we have mentioned before in the past with connections to Facebook and Foursquare. Just in March we gave you news that the coffee company was celebrating some 20 million “likes” on Facebook and no doubt this has grown since that time. As a worldwide brand, Starbucks attracts some 1.5 million fans and what better way to follow it on Twitter. The huge company are keen to interact with their fan base by listing contests, pictures, video content and so on. Their view of success stems from how you have fun with your followers.

The next is that of clothing and shoe retailer Charlotte Russe. Followers on Twitter will already be aware of offers that are listed from time to time, prizes, deals, give-aways and so on. Everyone loves a bargain lets face it, so why not use this very idea to promote your branded products, but remember to calculate loss and profit when giving out those all important offers.

Again Delta Airlines is another familiar with Facebook, but try to follow the brand on Twitter as well. What we like about this service is that they are keen to keep their customers happy by having their “Delta Assist” service open 7 days a week, for people’s queries, complaints and so on. Their tips include the engagement between company and customer. Always important to get feedback from those using your brand and particularly if customers are needing assistance outside of business hours.

Our last is that of Dunkin Donuts, everybody’s favorite. If you head on over to its Twitter page, you can see straight away that it uses prizes, fun discussions and as Mashable reported non-stop trivia. Their message is to have a fun happy service that at times gives away freebies to its customers, again this may not be possible for the smaller business.

What are your thoughts on social media being used as an advertising and marketing tool? Do you yourself use any of these brands above, or have you got your own favorite on either Facebook or Twitter?