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Sony Not Just Targeted: UK Gaming “Codemasters” Hacked

June 10, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Are you like us wondering when the constant attacks from hackers will stop. Ok its not a new thing, but since April 20th when the Sony PSN went down, we have heard more on Sony being targeted with its Pictures service, Microsoft, Nintendo, Citigroup and so on.

Today its the turn of UK gaming publishers “Codemasters.” According to, the hack was carried out on June 3rd which resulted in a database being taken containing names and email addresses of customers, it seems credit card information as well as passwords were not compromised.

But its only today that Codemasters via email have confirmed this to their customer base. They have warned everybody to be careful when opening of emails from Codemasters. This is something that I personally have not used, but in order to access the emails, customers are required to sign in to pages and put their passwords or credit card details in.

Ok, so you may be thinking the same as me, why now, why a week after the attack? Codemasters have said that they needed to look into what had actually happened and the outcome of the attack. Still a week? The site is now offline and has now been redirected to its official Facebook page. Codemasters were keen to respond by saying, “We won’t put it back up until we’re sure it can be completely secure.”

As with Sony’s recent attack, customers have been advised to change their passwords particularly those who have access to Xbox Live. It seems that although some personal information may have been stolen and the password database stolen, the latter is heavily encrypted. On the subject of encrypting, we have also reported on two other cases today surrounding security issues. The first being that of Foursquare, Netflix, LinkedIn and Square apps. It has been brought to the attention, that security flaws have been found.

Hacking group that were possibly responsible for the Sony PSN attack “LulzSec” have managed to breach the NHS data system. The group responded to the National Health Service by saying that they “meant no harm” but were trying to find “flaws” with the idea of helping them fix their tech issues.

Give us your thoughts on the latest attacks today? Have you yourself been affected recently even with Sony’s massive PSN outage?

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