New Motorola Photon 4G: Locked/Unlocked Bootloader Update

Like it or not smartphones have become something that we all rely on in our everyday life, it’s difficult to image being without our devices for more than a few hours although we had managed it previously. With that being the case manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung try to pack their phones with the features that we all desire in the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

One subject that is pretty hot at the moment surrounds bootloaders and custom ROMs that we have on the devices. Recently HTC completely changed a proposed decision to lock down the bootloaders on their phones which was strongly opposed. Another manufacturer that is toying with the idea of having them locked or not is Motorola with their new devices such as the Photon 4G with its currently locked bootloader but we have an update for you.

Motorola previously asked a question on Facebook to their fans about what they would like to see most on their devices, of all the answers an Unlocked Bootloader dominated the top 10 with 6 answers which you can see the results of in the image below.

We read over on Phandroid in an article by Rob Jackson that Motorola’s intentions seemed to be that they would have an unlocked bootloader however there’s been communication to say that the Photon 4G is locked, check it out below.

Interestingly they say that the software releases will start late on in 2011 but unfortunately it looks like a confusing matter for the Photon 4G. This would put me off the device and push me towards the Samsung Galaxy S II.

What do you think about this? Does the confusion put you off the device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Jonathan Oquendo

    okay i get the part that we’ll get the phone locked on release date, but it sounds as if theyre saying we wont be able to unlock the photon anyway because we wont have the software that would allow for the unlock update in the first place, am i right? or will we be able to get the unlock update? cause thats the confusing part to me they arent saying that we will get the update just that the update software that would allow the carriers to decide wether to unlock it or not will be released near the ending of the year, so damn it just tell us will we or will we not have root access cause if games is what you wanna play then i guarantee you motorola youll have the lowest selling superphone in this 2011 aka year of the dual cores & trust me you dont wanna ef this up.