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Facebook Announcement From Sony - CoD Black Ops Escalation Live

June 10, 2021 | Tim Ollason

This last week has been a bit crazy with a few different announcements from different manufacturers such as the new capabilities of the Kinect, the PS Vita being officially named by Sony and Nintendo wowing the audience with the new controller and naming the new static console the Wii U.

Now we have heard about something else that is becoming more and more popular amongst games and gamers and that is the social media communication regarding the product. Today’s Facebook announcement from Sony is that the CoD Black Ops Escalation map update is now live.

There are plenty of other games that have had announcements made about them on Facebook, sometimes it’s to try and encourage you to “Like” something to unlock another video as we saw with Battlefield 3. These days most games have their own dedicated Facebook page that’s maintained by the creators such as the new CoD MW3 page that went live recently.

Another game that is looking to have a deeper social media integration is Uncharted 3 as they try to have more to do with Facebook and YouTube. These are just a few examples of games that have been getting more social, why not do a Facebook search for your favorite game and then see what news they have. Alternatively you can follow the Sony PlayStation Facebook page on this link which is where we learned that the Escalation pack was live; they also tell us that this weekend will be Double XP!

What do you think of the way games and social media are becoming more and more intertwined? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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