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Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) Sales Expand: More Countries Release

June 9, 2021 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been bringing you all the news regarding the Samsung Galaxy S II or S2, the Android superphone that seems to be taking the world by storm and has seen hit reviews. We have news today that Galaxy S2 sales are set to expand further as more countries are now seeing a release.

OSM’s Maddy Rowe has already given you a retailer roundup, which looked at some of the countries where the handset has already been released and now we have news that Hong Kong and Taiwan have seen the official launch from Samsung and that the Galaxy S II will be going on sale there soon. Gaurav Shukla over on Android OS, brings us the news sourced from Digitimes. Pricing is not yet available but we’re told that Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) and Taiwan Mobile (TWM) are launching in Taiwan so subsidized pricing for the handset will be available there although Shukla tells us that will not be the case in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile Yun-Hee Kim of The Wall Street Journal reports that the rollout of the Galaxy S II to 120 countries and 140 carriers will continue this month and that Japan is another country that will see a release in June. Samsung hopes that the Galaxy S II will compete with Apple’s iPhone and Kim points out that the higher price of the Galaxy S II is a gamble for Samsung because Android devices have generally been lower priced than iOS devices.

If you’re one of the many in the U.S. still waiting for a release then we’ve already brought you news of a rumored Sprint release date, or how to buy the Galaxy S II unlocked from Amazon US. We also reported yesterday on a release date for the S II on Verizon although the source later turned out to be inaccurate. However it does look likely to hit the U.S. at some time in July.

Are you in one of countries expected to see the release of the Galaxy S II this month and will you be making a purchase of it? Maybe you’re in the U.S. and still waiting patiently? Let us know with your comments.

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