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Nokia CEO: “Apple Created Android”

June 9, 2021 | Matt Tran

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was speaking at the Open Mobile Summit 2011 in London earlier today, coming out with something quite surprising indeed. “Apple created Android”.

Firstly before lawsuits are filed and thrown all over the place, it appears that Elop meant this metaphorically. It does not look like he literally meant that Apple designed Android only for Google to sneak up behind them and steal it. According to Electric Pig, the Nokia boss was referring to the benchmark that Apple laid down when they launched the iPhone in 2007.

It was the success of the iPhone which spurred Android into action and made it the operating powerhouse that it is today. Nok Nok has reported Elop as saying “the emergence of the iPhone in 2007 as a high-water mark of what a smartphone could be, but also the conditions to spawn Android.” It is fair to say that Android would not be the heavyweight it is today without the rivalry of iOS. For a look at Apple’s new HQ that looks like a UFO, click here.

Any suggestions that Android copied Apple in any way are inaccurate, as it is well known that Android was in development back in 2005, 2 years before the iPhone’s release. It was Andy Rubin who was leading the Android rise 6 years ago, shaping the way that the smartphone market is today. For more on the Stephen Elop speech, pay a visit it Electric Pig. Leave us your views on what has been said and if Apple are responsible for the success of Android.

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