Nintendo Wii U Console In Black: Is This A Possibility?

We have so far been keeping a close watch on E3 2011 and it’s an event that hasn’t disappointed, we have seen new things that the Kinect can do at Microsoft’s event, Sony revealing the PS Vita aka the NGP and of course Nintendo wowing the audience with the revelation of their new console.

Fist the console was named and there had previously been a few different ones floating around, the Nintendo Revolution was backed by many but Nintendo announced that it will be the Nintendo Wii U. As soon as this was announced the Internet was set alight as Nintendo didn’t actually show us the console, they only demonstrated the new controller with a 6.2-inch screen. Since then we have seen it popping up in our articles and now we are wondering if the Nintendo Wii U console will come in black, is this a possibility?

Many of you will remember that the Wii sold a few more consoles when they were offering the option with the darkened style as brilliant white isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Looking at some of the images again of the console and the new controller you have to say it would look pretty impressive in black.

Of course this hasn’t really been talked about yet as we have only just found out that the console will be joining us in 2012 and we hope that Nintendo has recognized that variety can help to sell consoles.

What do you think? Will we see the Nintendo Wiki U in black or are we stuck with white? Let us know in the comments section below.