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How To Opt Out Of Facebook Auto-Tagging Facial Recognition

June 9, 2021 | Tim Ollason

We recently reported an article about how Facebook Auto-Tagging for your photos has gone live globally and also that it’s got a few privacy concerns attached to it. These are currently only concerns as nothing lucrative has been told of and Facebook has admitted that they perhaps should have told people about it before it went live.

We have a suggestion that Facebook should perhaps adopt in future feature releases and that is to leave the feature off and then inform people that it’s live. Once its live then they can offer the option to people to go ahead and start using it or they can simply ignore the new functionality. With that being the case we thought we should share some knowledge with you on how to opt out of Facebook auto-tagging facial recognition.

As things stand unless you have changed your privacy settings you are currently “involved” in auto-tagging, to get out of it you will need to slightly amend your Facebook privacy settings and then you will be worry free. The first step is to click on “Account” and then “Privacy Settings” from your profile as shown below.

Now you will enter into your Facebook privacy settings where you will need to click on “Customize Settings” and then scroll down until you come across the section titled “Things others share.” Within this section you have “Suggest photos of me to friends” with a button next to it saying Edit Settings, click on it.

You will be greeted with Photos: Suggest tags where you have a drop down menu that will currently say “Enabled” and you need to click on that and change it to “Disabled.” Once you have done that then the process is complete, it’s worth noting that once you have done this then you CAN still be manually tagged in photos, this will simply stop the auto-tagging from working. Share information with your friends especially those who may choose to opt out.

Have you now opted out of this service from Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.

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