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Google Doodle: Guitar Hero Birthday “Les Paul” Celebrated

June 9, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

For some time now, we have been reporting on search engine Google and its Doodles which from time to time can be seen on the homepage. They differ from celebrating an event on the calendar such as Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, to birthdays of significant individuals such as Harry Houdini, Roger Hargreaves (author of Mr.Men), space commander Yuri Gagarin, Robert Bunsen and his famous Bunsen Burner and so on.

Today its the turn of American guitar hero Les Paul who would have been celebrating his 96th birthday on this very day. For many who perhaps are too young to remember the iconic player, Paul was born on 9 June 2021 and as reported, became a jazz and country guitarist. But as well as this, we must not forget the fact that he invented one of the first solid-body electric guitars in 1940 from which the “Gibson Les Paul” was born.

As you can see from the Google Doodle today, it has made up with an recordable electric guitar around the Google letters. If you just hover above the strings, you can actually brush them as well as playing notes from your very own keyboard.

Mashable reported that for users in America, by clicking onto the rectangular record button at the bottom part of the second “g” in Google, this will sound a note which can then be saved, creating a URL which can then be sent to others showcasing your music piece. Interestingly enough, if you then send the URL to someone and they paste into the address bar, then you can play together.

What are your thoughts on today’s Google Doodle? Is this one of your favorites or is there another?

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