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Apple iPhone 5 & iPad 3 Clues in Beta iOS 5: No iPod touch 5

June 9, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Since the Apple WWDC keynote speech came and went on Monday and there was no unveiling of a new iPhone (as we expected), speculation about the next iPhone has stepped up even further. We have news today though about the Apple iPhone 5 and also the iPad 3 as it seems that the beta version of Apple’s next mobile operating system, iOS 5, has given us some clues.

If you want to get up to speed with the latest news about the iPhone and iPad hit the following links. Just in the last few days we’ve reported on a likely September release for the iPhone 5 (or 4S) and also discussed the possible price. For the iPad 3 we’ve told how component suppliers are already being signed for a 2012 release. Following that we told how rumors were now suggesting an iPad 3 this year in time for the holiday season and also reported on speculation regarding an A6 processor for the next iPad.

Apple unveiled the beta version of iOS 5.0 on Monday for developers (already jailbroken) and we now hear that USB files in the firmware give some hints of not one but two future iPad 3’s and also two iPhone 5’s, according to Dave Caolo over on TUAW. Sources for TUAW tell how iOS 5 system files mention iPad3.1 and iPad3.2 and also iPhone4.1 and iPhone4.2. There has been confusion over recent weeks over whether the iPhone 5 will be called that or the iPhone 4S but for consistency we shall continue to refer to it as the iPhone 5 for now. The labels iPhone4.1 and 4.2 likely refer to the fact that the iPhone 5 will in fact be a fourth-generation iPhone.

In our article yesterday (linked to earlier) we discussed how Apple’s September press conference may well now launch the iPhone 5 and that the next-generation iPod touch is usually launched at that time. However one omission from the iOS 5 hints is an iPod touch 5, which ties in with our report on the September press conference being about the launch of a new iPhone.

Apple’s iOS 5 is due for public release in the fall so the fact that these new products are mentioned suggests both a new iPad and iPhone this year. Chuong Nguyen over on Gotta Be Mobile also writes about these iOS 5 clues and reminds us of speculation, even before the release of the iPad 2, that there would also be an iPad 3 this year, also saying that the iPad 2 was more of a refresh before the next version which would have an improved display.

It’s certainly giving us food for thought and although of course nothing is confirmed the signs are pointing for the next iPhone and iPad sooner rather than later. What are your thoughts on these iOS 5 clues? Are you hoping for a new iPad or iPhone this fall? Let us know with your comments.

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