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Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Verizon Release: Function in July

June 8, 2021 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been avid enthusiasts of one of the most highly praised smartphones at the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II). Although released in some regions the phone has still not seen a U.S. release although this week we have seen a rumored date for the Sprint launch, and the Galaxy S2 is now available to order unlocked from Amazon US. However we have news that a lot of you will have been waiting for, a release on Verizon.

We previously also told you about various rumored names for different carriers in the U.S, for the Sprint the Within, for AT&T the Attain and for Verizon the Function and the smartphone is also rumored to be carried by T-Mobile too. News of a Verizon release came to us from Matt Hamblen over on Computerworld. The Big Red confirmed the news today in an email that the Galaxy S2 will be with them for release in July. The spokeswoman said that there’s “no date just yet” but that the carrier expects it to go on sale next month.

Meanwhile Kellex over on DroidLife also reports on the July release on Verizon and notes there is no confirmation of whether the Galaxy S2 will be 4G LTE capable or not but of course many people will be hoping it is. The name for the Verizon version of the S2 is also in question as Droid Life states that as well as the name the Function, they have also heard it may be called the Fascinate II. One thing for sure is that when this Android superphone hits the U.S. market it’s bound to be a huge hit for Samsung and we can only hope that the July release dates now rumored for both Sprint and Verizon are accurate.

You may also be interested in our Galaxy S2 review roundup, a look at the S2 against the Motorola Droid Bionic and also a comparison between the Galaxy S2 and the Motorola Atrix, among our many other posts. Have you been waiting to hear news about a release date for the Galaxy S2 on Verizon? Will you be first in line when it hits the market? Let us know with your comments.

UPDATE - We have just heard that the original Computerworld report that brought the news of the release on Verizon has added an update to their story. Apparently the Verizon spokeswoman who was the source of the release news has said she was incorrect and meant to refer instead to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 so for now at least a Verizon release date for the Galaxy S2 is unavailable, although of course it could still make an appearance in July.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting since last year for this phone to come out. I will be first in line and can’t wait to get it!!!!!!!!!