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Nintendo Wii U: PS3 & Xbox Visuals Used, Equals Graphics

June 8, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Gaming event E3 2011 kicked off yesterday, with announcements from Sony and Nintendo, with news of the PS Vita and the new Wii U + Controller and its the latter that we wanted to talk to you about. With a great number of attendees present, the event kicked off with an orchestra followed by Shigeru Miyamoto starting off his speech with the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda amongst other topics.

New gaming titles on the 3DS were announced with for some, the main announcement being that of the new Wii U and Controller. As well as specs and mention of its release in 2012, the console was shown not only in its glory but by visual marketing material on stage.

According to Engadget today, the visual pictures that were seen by all, were in fact graphics from PS3 and Xbox 360 gaming titles. This is something that has been confirmed by Nintendo’s American Chief Reggie Fils-Aime along with confirmation that the new Wii U graphics with 1080p resolution will equal that of the consoles listed above.

What are your thoughts on the new Nintendo Wii U, impressed or any disappointments? Has it done enough to rival that of Sony and Microsoft? Let us know.

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