Nintendo “Wii U” Plus Controller: Any Disappointments?

News came yesterday about details of the new Nintendo Wii console. During the E3 2011 yearly event, Nintendo announced that the new Wii would be named “Wii U” and along with details of this, we got to hear about its new controller, possible release and so on. For those of you that missed these, we will refresh you in one moment, but we wanted to know your initial thoughts on the new device, whether you are prepared to wait until 2012 for its release and how much you would be prepared to pay for it?

Wii U is hoped to appeal to everybody even the “hardcore gamers” amongst you, and when it does finally come to retailers, it will have electronic giants Sony and Microsoft to compete with. Just yesterday we told you about Sony’s new PS Vita and by that time, who knows PS4 news may have started to come through, rumor has it that Sony are already working on it!

So what do we know about the Wii U and its controller and remember leave us your comments about both? For the last few months, we have been bringing you rumors about possible specs and now we know that the console as reported, can be used to play continuous games using a TV display. Before we move onto the controller, we can tell you that the console will be compatible with all Wii games, nun chuck, balance board and so on. In terms of first appearances, it looks rather like a DVD player or Digital box. Size wise, it will approximately stand at 1.8-inches, 6.8-inches in width and 10.5-inches long, HDMI and AV Multi Out connector, four USB 2.0 outputs, IBM multi-core processor although which one has not been announced, AMD Radeon based HD GPU and the list goes on.

Ok, so the controller which intrigued us from the start. It will be made up with a 6.2-inch touchscreen, button controls, two analog Circle Pads, built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, rumble feature, includes camera, microphone, stylus, can make voice calls, improved graphics equalling that of the Xbox 360 and PS3 and so on.

In terms of price, this has not been announced so we will have to wait and see, what realistically would you pay? Release date again has not be set in stone with suggestion between April and December 2012, so anybody’s guess.

Give us your thoughts on the new Nintendo Wii U and Controller. Was it what you were expecting or more? How would you have changed it and are you prepared to wait until next year for it? Will it struggle to keep up with Sony and Microsoft?