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Droid Bionic New Specs vs Galaxy S2: Choices Changed?

June 8, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Even though Apple’s WWDC 2011 kicked off on Monday and the E3 gaming event yesterday, news has still been coming in regarding many other devices, particularly that of smartphones and tablets. As well as giving you news yesterday about Sony’s new PS Vita and Nintendo’s new Wii U gaming consoles, we also reported on a new ViewBook 730 e-reader, Toshiba Thrive tablet and so on. But two of the big devices on everybody’s lips are still that of the Motorola Droid Bionic and Samsung Galaxy S2.

Just in the last couple of days, our very own Debbie has brought you news about Droid Bionic images that have been spotted, of a new redesigned version including some fantastic new features such as, a brand new 8MP camera equalling that of the Galaxy S2, 4.5-inch display from the original rumored 4.3-inch, which if included will knock the Galaxy’s S2 completely out of the water!

As Debbie explained, the Bionic has been spotted including 1080p High Definition video capture with new “MotoBlur” which as reported will run alongside Android’s OS and its current dual-core processor, along with webtop connectivity and dock inclusion.

For some time the Droid Bionic has fascinated us here at OSM with constant if’s and but’s, the biggie being whether the handset will actually arrive and whether it will be called a Bionic or Targa, something of which we have touched on a number of times. We knew sometime ago, that the Bionic had been delayed due to the developers making “several enhancements” to give users a better phone experience, so are these new features what we can expect to see?

We know the Samsung Galaxy S2 is hot news at the moment and has already launched in the UK amongst other countries, and now news is starting to come in of US release dates. Check out a retailer roundup of those in the UK and we must point out its worth shopping around for the best deal. With the Galaxy S2′s 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, Android’s 2.3.3 OS and new TouchWiz UI, and possible new specs for the Bionic, which ones your money on?

Tell us which one interests you and whether you have picked up the Galaxy S2 already or holding out for the Droid Bionic?

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  • Hunter Jackson

    Galaxy S II seems to have better specs and there is that rumor the 5000 quadrant score set by an overclocked S II in the UK

  • steven buchanan

    no way to really tell until both are released and tested. i am for the droid bionic. im not really a samsung fan.

  • KingNagChampa

    Better to have the Samsung in July than be pushed off by Motorola any longer.

  • KingNagChampa

    Better to have the Samsung in July than be pushed off by Motorola any longer.

  • Callum Holmes

    samsung galaxy s 2. 4.5″ is too big for a phone, drop oops.

  • Callum Holmes

    samsung galaxy s 2. 4.5″ is too big for a phone, drop oops.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung obviously…. it’s not those numbers of how many giga this and that really matters, but it’s all about real performance and the display when all those numbers come together, of which Samsung does the best!

  • Chris Phillips

    i just seem to get the shaft on whatever phone i get. whatever i buy, never seems to get any updates. currently have a samsung continuum running 2.1, waiting on a 2.2 update while all these other phones are about to get 2.3. Same thing happened when i had the eris, sat at 1.6 and finally got 2.1 while everyone was getting 2.2. Almost want to just save 50-100 bucks and get the droid 3 over the bionic, i can do without lte for now i think. the recent benchmarks for the droid 3 have got me highly interested in it though. My wife has the droid charge, so i’m sick of seeing samsung phones everywhere i turn honestly.