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Sony’s PlayStation Vita: Up Close & Personal

June 7, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Gaming event E3 2011 has begun for this year and news has not only come from Sony’s camp, but announcements are expected from rivals Nintendo and Microsoft. Turning our attention back to Sony, despite its recent PSN outage, gamers can look forward to new devices, such as a new 3D 24-inch TV Monitor coming out later this year with the inclusion of glasses, games and of course the new PlayStation Vita console.

Just in the last few hours, we have given you an idea of price for the WiFi and 3G Vita models and now we wanted to report on the device up close and personal. With many experts being present at E3, of course opinion for the new Vita will vary but on the whole, the general consensus is good. When Sean Hollister over at Engadget gave the console a going over, he found it to be lightweight even though it includes a fairly big 5-inch OLED screen, therefore compared to the original PSP, it wins hands down.

On the flip side to this, on holding the console it still appears to be a little bulky although a pair of plastic indents are situated on the back for comfort. Both Pocketlint and Engadget agreed that they struggled to “join their thumbs” together and it may be too big to fit in somebody’s pocket!

Image courtesy of Engadget

In terms of initial appearance, Sean was keen to point out that the device is made up of matte plastic and firm glossy finish with the three main Start, Select and Power buttons being incorporated into the glossy front. On looking at the face buttons, there is a slight size difference and the buttons on either side at the top are not any different to the PSP.

If we just stay here for one moment, a pair of iPod nano style volume buttons can be seen in between the two shoulder buttons, one which covers over the flash card slot whilst the other port and what it does remain a mystery, even as Sean said to Sony reps. A much bigger port can be seen at the bottom of the console allowing for USB and/or networking cables. The two-analogue sticks again beat the PSP’s analogue nub. Pocketlint described these working features as to those on the Motorola Backflip.

On looking at the 5-inch screen, this appeared to be crisp, bright and very quick to react, this was noted when playing games such as LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted. Both Engadget and Pocketlint concluded that the device is pretty special and although the price may be a little on the steep side, you are certainly getting a lot for your pennies.

Tell us what you think about the new PS Vita? Are you swayed even though its a little expensive? Can you see the Xperia Play or Nintendo DS struggling to keep up?

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