NGP Officially Named PS Vita By Kaz Hirai At E3 2011

We at OSM have been covering as much as possible with the NGP which is the successor to the original PSP which was launched 6 years ago. We even provided links for you to watch the Sony E3 2011 event yourself and it’s from here that we learned the proper name for the new device.

We previously heard rumors that it was going to be called the PS Vita which of course we instantly reported but now the NGP has been officially named the PS Vita by Kaz Hirai at E3 2011. If you are wondering who he is then you can learn a bit more about him on this link. Others will know him for his well known quote as shown below.

There was so much happening at the Sony event and although not all of it was brilliant like some of the games for the PS3 coupled with the PSMove although they managed to get Kobe Bryant to come and demo the new NBA game.

We are pleased that the name issue has now been cleared up as the confusion was starting to get to a few people and I personally think that PS Vita is good especially when shortened to PSV. Also when you think of its Italian meaning of “Life” it signifies the new lease of life that will be seen in the new Sony handheld.

What do you think of the official name for Sony’s new flagship handheld device? Let us know in the comments section below.