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Gear 4 Launching Angry Birds Docks & Speakers For iDevices

If you are the proud owner of one of Apple’s devices and have a love for Angry Birds like the rest of us, then you may just be thrilled with what Gear 4 has coming out. A selection of Angry Birds themed speakers and docks have taken flight and are getting ready to land in stores later this year.

With the titanic success of Angry Birds we have seen so much merchandise being flogged on the market, ranging from a board game to a Birthday cake. These new speakers and docking stations are compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPods, coming in 3 different themes, as you can see courtesy of Electric Pig.

The Red Bird, Black Bird and Helmet Piggy are the 3 designs you have to choose from, with all of the docks offering a 3.5mm audio input and crate stand to charge your iDevice on. Geeky Gadgets has reported that the Angry Birds docks will launch around August time and will be priced between $49-$69. Angry Birds developer Rovio will soon be be launching the new “magic” version of the game which comes NFC enabled.

We are assuming that the price difference will be due to one of the speakers offering more than the other. Overall these Angry Birds themed docking stations look like great fun as well as satisfying your music playing and charging needs. Are you tempted by the look of these tech treats? Let us know if you will be getting one when they launch later this year.