E3 2011: Resistance 3 Bundle & Price: PS Move & 3D Compatible

With 2011’s E3 event well under way, we have had an opportunity to take a peak at some of the best looking products from the gaming show. The big headline so far has been all about Sony’s NGP which has been called the “Playstation Vita”. Besides this a tasty looking Resistance 3 bundle caught our eye.

Despite looking absolutely awesome, the PS3 exclusive will also come packing PS Move and 3D features to make the gaming experience more extreme. Electric Pig has reported that the “sharp shooter” bundle launches on September 6th, and will cost you $150 (£90), which is now looking an absolute steal! For a look at the game, check out the video embedded below.

According to Digital Spy, the bundle gives you a copy of the game, a SharpShooter gun peripheral, a PS Eye camera, a PS Move controller and also a PS Navigation controller. OSM’s Maddy Rowe reported to you a little earlier on Sony’s new 24 inch 3D monitor which can take 2 players without the need for split screen, so these 2 products look like they will go hand in hand come September.

If you do not already own a 3D TV then a Resistance 3 3D Bundle is on offer for $500 (£305). You get the game with the TV we spoke about above, with an HDMI cable also thrown in to sweeten the deal. We will bring you as much E3 2011 coverage as possible so keep an eye out throughout the day, also have a browse at our look out for list for E3. Leave us any thoughts you have on the products so far that have been unveiled and if you will be buying them.