Apple iOS 5 Jailbroken Before Release: Games to Come

We’ve been bringing you all the news from Apple’s WWDC 2011 and one of the things discussed in the keynote speech yesterday from Steve Jobs, was iOS 5. Now we hear that only a day after the new mobile operating system was made available to developers, it has already been jailbroken before it has even been released.

If you want to find out more about what iOS 5.0 offers then you may want to hit the links to some of our stories since yesterday such as iOS 5 iMessages, news that it will release in the fall, and wireless syncing with iOS 5. You may also want to take a look at the keynote video here. News of the iOS 5 hacking comes to us from Thomas Ricker over on Engadget who informs us that MuscleNerd has managed to perform the jailbreak on the beta version of iOS 5 and has an image of Cydia and ISSH installed on a 4th generation iPod touch.

A previous tethered limera1n jailbreak was the basis for this latest exploit and over on Apple Bitch we’re informed that a tethered or untethered limera1n edition will probably be available shortly after the public release of iOS 5 in the fall. This of course allows Apple plenty of time to close the holes in its software so there’ll probably a few more games between now and the release.

What are your thoughts on MuscleNerd’s team jailbreaking iOS 5 already? Let us know with your comments.