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Steve Jobs Had the iCloud Idea 14 Years Ago

June 6, 2021 | Matt Tran

With the iCloud about to make its debut at the WWDC 2011 any time now, it makes you wonder how much effort and time had been put in to this great looking project. If old YouTube videos are anything to go by, Mr Jobs had the iCloud idea all the way back at the world wide developers conference back in 1997!

Electric Pig has managed to dig out some old footage of WWDC in 97 and Steve Jobs is talking about storing information on a server so that he can access it whatever computer he is on. At the time Jobs was engaged with work in Apple, Pixar and Next, so all he had to do was log on from any device to access all of this data on the server, which is today known as “a cloud”.

Take a look at what Jobs had to say about the first ever iCloud concept by watching the video embedded below. Beware as his speech is over 70 minutes long and is crammed in to 1 video, with a little fruity language thrown in there for humour! The Apple boss apologised in the video to developers for “putting a bullet in the head” of some of their products; Apple still does this today and may have killed Spotify’s American dream with their new cloud based service.

Jobs stated that his dream was to “look at that personal computer and take out every moving part apart from the keyboard and mouse”. He underlined that he did not want a hard drive in his PC if he could get to the server faster. Today I think that Steve is finally going to make his dream a reality, even if it has taken 14 years!

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