Samsung Galaxy S2: “Smart View” TV App Connection

We have seen smartphone interaction with TV before, but Samsung have set a new target for others to follow. Their Android app gives you a new level of connection between your handset and smart TV.

Part of the initial set up means that you must have one of the hottest Samsung devices out at the moment, the Galaxy S2 and also one of the company’s own Smart TV’s. According to World TV PC, connectivity can also be gained through a connected Blu-Ray player. So if you have the handset and the TV what do you get?

Well “Smart View” as the app is called, allows the user to view whatever is on the TV direct with your handset via a wireless connection. Pretty impressive we think you’ll agree, but there is more, you can also stream the other way and play whatever is on your phone on the TV. As an extra bonus if you are watching a TV programme on your Galaxy S2 , someone else can view another channel on the TV without interfering with what you’re doing.

There is also the option to access the Smart TV apps on your handset, use it as a TV remote and even play games using the gyro feature with your phone as the controller. It’s uses seem endless, and with a reported 5 million app downloaded for the Smart TV, this addition can only be an extra feather in the Samsung cap.

According to Samsung’s official press release, Smart View is ready for the Android Market but currently only compatible with the D7000,8000 and 9500 series Smart TV’s, along with the inclusion of their Galaxy S II smartphone. There will be introductions to other Samsung devices like the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab later on this year, so watch this space.

Can you see the benefits of connectivity with your TV, and how long do you think it will be before other manufacturers follow suit?