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Nintendo E3 2011 Live Stream: Wii 2/Project Cafe To Be Revealed

June 6, 2021 | Tim Ollason

Great news for all gamers as E3 2011 is upon us and already. There’s a lot of hype that has been built up by gamers about Nintendo and what they are going to do this year as they are expected to showcase their new static console.

Already we have reported on a rumor summary in the build up to the massive event as well as it potentially being seen in a leaked video. We are hoping that Nintendo really do wow the audience with their new console which we heard will be there and working! With that being the case we have found a Nintendo E3 2011 live stream where we are expecting the Wii 2/ Project Café to be revealed for all to see.

Nintendo’s official site has a link to a dedicated page for the E3 event which you can see by clicking here. If you want to watch what happens with Nintendo then you can as the event will kick off at 9am PDT.

It looks like previous predictions of a new console in 2011 may be on the cards and as we have seen with the Nintendo 3DS this year Nintendo is hurrying their devices out. The 3DS launched without access to the eStore and without the web browser with the update coming only today. If not then we are sure to see it launched in 2012.

Will you watch Nintendo’s live event hoping to catch a glimpse of the Wii 2? When do you think they will launch the console? Let us know in the comments section below.

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