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Lulz Security Hack On Nintendo: Bad News Ahead of E3 2011

June 6, 2021 | Tim Ollason

Hacking is becoming quite a problem in the world of gaming, it was really pulled to the front page when Sony was hit pretty badly with the PSN outage and they had to entirely rebuild the infrastructure which isn’t good.

With that being the case Maddy Rowe of OSM reported yesterday that Nintendo is now also a victim of hacking as their security system was seemingly bypassed by “Lulz” who is the same group that did Sony for the second time. This security hack on Nintendo by Lulz is undoubtedly bad news ahead of E3 2011.

We are informed that no consumer data or company data was taken from Nintendo as quoted over on the BBCNews and confirmed in yesterday’s article because none of it is stored on the server that was accessed. What’s more worrying is the timing that this has happened. Nintendo’s Wii is now outdated and they obviously want the best impressions and opinions to be made with their new working model being showcased tomorrow.

There’s a chance that any bad news ahead of E3 2011 for the manufacturer can have a detrimental effect on what people will think of the new console, it may put them off all together which would spell disaster for Nintendo who currently face a profit slump.

What do you think of the recent attack on Nintendo? Do you think it will put people off their new console and maybe the Nintendo 3DS too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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