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Apple iCloud Announced at WWDC 2011: Details Revealed

June 6, 2021 | Debbie Turner

If you’re a tech enthusiast you’ll already know that today saw the beginning of Apple’s WWDC 2011 and the keynote speech from Steve Jobs is not long over. We’ve been waiting to bring you the news and so far have told you about the new Mac OS X Lion and asked if you’ll be upgrading to it but now we have news for you on Apple iCloud, which was also announced and some details revealed.

We’ve previously posted some articles on iCloud and earlier today OSM’s Matt Tran told how Jobs first had the idea 14 years ago. We also recently asked if iCloud would be the end of Spotify and before that had rumors of iCloud and evidence of Mac OS X supporting it. Now at last we have news of iCloud straight from the horse’s mouth and it seems that MobileMe will soon be defunct. iCloud, as we thought, will provide more than just music services and all 9 cloud apps will be free. Steve Jobs announced the service by saying, “iCloud stores your content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it to all your device. It automatically uploads it, stores it, and pushes it to all your devices,” according to Joseph L. Flatley over on Engadget.

This will not only apply to purchased music, iBooks, videos, device settings and more with automatic backup over WiFi, but also Documents in the Cloud will sync content between your other iOS devices. Another feature is Photo Stream, which will sync your gallery of photos from iOS devices, OS X, Apple TV and also Windows PC’s and automatically stores photos taken for 30 days. Apple states that the iCloud Backup will take place automatically daily when your iOS devices are being charged. These are such innovative developments and we’re not sure that anybody expected Apple’s iCloud to be so far along already. On top of all this there will be no advertising on iCloud and calendar, mail and contact sync is free (up to 5GB) and Photo Stream pics do not count towards your 5 gigs.

iCloud will be released at the same time as iOS 5.0 in the fall and if you’re a MobileMe member you will still have access up to June 30 next year but Apple will not be accepting new members. It looks as though some people who have had their subscriptions auto-renewed recently have actually received refunds from Apple today so it seems as though Apple is really on the ball with this. Check back with us soon as we’ll be bringing you news on iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match. If you want to find out more about iCloud check out the Apple pages here for details. We think that Apple’s upcoming iCloud service is revolutionary and will be hugely well received but we’re interested in your thoughts on this so do send in those comments.

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