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Apple WWDC 2011 & Steve Jobs Keynote: Odds for Expectations

June 6, 2021 | Debbie Turner

If you’re a tech enthusiast you’ll already know that today sees the start of one of the biggest and most-anticipated events of the year, Apple’s WWDC 2011, running from June 6 to June 10. There is the usual speculation about just what we might hear announced at todays keynote speech coming from Steve Jobs himself, and we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the odds on some of the expectations.

Although Apple has made it clear the event will focus on software, there are of course many who still hope to see an appearance of the Apple iPhone 4S, or 5, depending on which reports you read. We’d say this is pretty unlikely, but of course would love to be proven wrong. If you want to know how to keep up with all the WWDC developments over the next few days then we previously gave news of a WWDC app. Also OSM’s Maddy Rowe gave details earlier today of live blogs for todays keynote with times for various parts of the world, and also gave a brief rundown of what’s anticipated, such as news on iOS 5, iCloud, Mac OS X Lion, and possibly deeper speech recognition using Nuance and Siri and more.

So as far as odds go, an article over on Beatweek has attempted to work out the likelihood of different unveilings for the keynote and the rest of the week, based on what’s already known and public, common sense and instinct and it’s certainly an interesting take on events. For example there have been many reports of two upcoming iPhone models, the 4S due out later this year and the iPhone 5 due for next year. However Beatweek feel that the iPhone 4S tag is misleading and that it’s likely that this was just some form of concept wished into existence. It seems that the iPhone 4 with an A5 processor was distributed to developers by Apple to test next-generation apps with the next intended processor and that’s how the confusion has arisen about some sort of stopgap iPhone before the iPhone 5. Therefore although many sites are reporting on an iPhone 4S, Beatweek puts the likelihood of an iPhone 4S appearance at a mere 1%.

As far as an iPhone 5 goes, the odds increase slightly to 7% although obviously it’s still felt to be most unlikely, especially after the white iPhone 4 was only released 5 weeks ago. Would Apple really be barefaced enough to issue a brand new model only weeks later. Beatweek doesn’t think so and frankly nor do we, and we also agree that a fall release for the next iPhone seems most likely, whether it’s a 4S or 5.

Looking next at iCloud, the odds increase significantly to a 50% chance. We’ve heard a lot about cloud storage which would allow users to keep their content stored on an Apple server instead of on their devices but Beatweek feels the existing infrastructure of networks available is not capable yet of adequate support. The concept is certainly impressive though and we feel that we will at least be hearing a lot more about iCloud this week even if it’s not coming just yet.

Finally we move on to the biggie, iOS 5.0, which is the item that most of us definitely expect to see revealed this week and Beatweek puts the odds of this at 92% although we’d put it even higher. Of course that doesn’t mean we’ll see it released just yet but we reckon by the end of the week we’ll know an awful lot more about what’s anticipated from this operating system. That’s a look at the odds for WWDC then but if you want to know more about this year’s event then go to the official WWDC 2011 site here where you’ll find details on schedule, news and more.

We’d like to hear from you with what you expect to hear from the keynote today and the rest of the week. Would you be gutted to hear no mention of a new iPhone or have you already resigned yourself to this? Do you accept that this years WWDC will be all about the software? Let us know with your comments.

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