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A Possible Leaked Photo Of iOS 5.0 Ahead Of WWDC 2011

June 6, 2021 | Tim Ollason

A massive subject matter in the world of technology today is WWDC 2011 and anything Apple related that will go with it. There’s so much speculation about the event where people are talking about there perhaps being a new iPhone there even though Apple has said it’s a software only event.

If there will be a new iPhone there then it will more than likely be Steve Jobs’ little surprise that he normally likes to bring to the stage then it will be the iPhone 4S if the rumors are true. Today we have something a little bit different for you; it’s a possible leaked photo of iOS 5.0 ahead of WWDC 2011 later today. Remember you can keep up with the WWDC action with a handy app that we reported on previously.

We have already reported that iOS 5.0 will be getting more of a social boost with a deep integration with Twitter but how deep we weren’t too sure about. Now with the above picture we can see that it will be featuring on the home screen of our iPhones!

We learned of this through an entry over on where they have sourced TechCrunch where they are talking about what will potentially happen when it’s clicked on. Perhaps Apple has swiped Android’s idea of a pull down menu, maybe it takes you to the Twitter app or maybe it opens up a separate notifications screen… Only time will tell and there’s not that long to wait, roll on WWDC!

What do you think happens when it is tapped? Let us know what else you expect to see from the new iOS 5.0 in the comments section below.

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