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Is The iCloud The Final Nail In Spotify’s American Coffin?

June 5, 2021 | Matt Tran

With the imminent unveiling and launch of the iCloud at the WWDC tomorrow, it raises the question of whether this will dent Spotify’s hopes of bringing their cloud and music streaming service over to the US.

The Swedish based company has been a runaway success here in the UK and across Europe; however the service is unheard of in America and this is something Spotify desperately want to change. According to Electric Pig, the iCloud could kill Spotfiy’s American dream dead before it even launches. What kind of threat will the iCloud pose?

Firstly the iCloud is Apple’s service, and with them being the county’s favourite technology provider, it is all but certain that loyal Americans will stick with Steve Jobs and co, opposed to the news kids on the block, those being Spotify of course. The iCloud would naturally be advantageous to anyone and lets face it, just about everyone who uses iTunes, as it allows them to take the free trial as well as store all of their music in the sky.

In terms of pricing and subscription, we hear that the iCloud will begin free for a period and then switch to a paid service, thought to cost around $25 a year. Spotify has an advantage, in that they offer a free service to users all be it one that is plagued with adverts and has no mobile version. The paid version gives all the goodies and is also free of ads, costing £10 a month. We have heard from The Next Web that Apple succeeded in securing all 4 major record labels, making them almost unmatchable in the songs they have on offer to stream.

Luckily for Spotify they also have the backing of said labels which includes Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music, Warner Music and EMI. The services offered are looking very similar but it is Apple’s reputation amongst Americans that will harm Spotify the most. An advantage they do have is that Apple will likely restrict the iCloud to their iOS devices, so Spotify naturally could provide for Android, BlackBerry and tablet owners. Can they make it in the US? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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