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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S2 Resemblance: Changes Needed

June 4, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

This coming Monday 6th June at WWDC, may end months of rumors surrounding the iPhone 5. Yes, along with others we have brought you speculation as to its specs, possible names, price, carriers and of course release date, and just this morning we spoke about the iPhone 5 being needed now to replace the year old iPhone 4.

Interest for the next gen handset still rages on, but one key factor to the iPhone 5′s success will lie with its design and features. Just the other day, news was pointing to the device’s looks being similar to Samsung’s Nexus S and today according to, it could well look like the new Galaxy S2, but if true, this could have an effect in terms of Apple sales.

The iPhone design has become distinctive amongst its fans and if changed, could this send customers into the arms of a different smartphone maker? To prevent this from happening, Apple will need to implement changes such as screen size, camera, faster chip, OS, NFC and so on.

If you take the overall feeling of thickness, the iPhone 5 will need to be slimmer than the current iPhone 4′s 9.3mm and Galaxy S2′s 8.5mm. Currently we know that many of the smartphones coming out have a screen size of 4.3-inches, with the Motorola Droid Bionic having 4-inches (obviously this is if and when it appears), this is the rumored size of the new iPhone 5′s screen. As stated, the Galaxy S2 wins hands-down with its Super-AMOLED screen, something of which may let Apple’s offering down. Along with this, it ticks the boxes with its 8MP camera, dual-core processor with news pointing to the iPhone 5 having a built-in A5 chip.

In the past we have spoken about the iPhone 5 and the possible inclusion of Near Field Communication (NFC), allowing payment of items with a quick easy swipe of the mobile phone. The Nexus S and Galaxy S2 will benefit from this, so its imperative that the iPhone 5 includes this.

All we can hope for, is that Steve Jobs and his company will make an announcement on Monday, with the keynote speech commencing at 10 am PST. We know that iOS 5, iCloud and news of Mac OX Lion will be released but is this Apple’s way of diverting from the iPhone 5 announcement?

Let us know your thoughts.

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