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iPhone 5 (4S) WWDC ShowPiece: Apple Need Something Now

June 4, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

We’ve had CES in Las Vegas, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and in just 2 days time, we have got the WWDC 2011 in which tech giants Apple are due to announce various updates to their software. These include iOS 5, iCloud and news of Mac OX Lion. But what about the iPhone 5 or 4S that’s been the talk on everybody’s lips? News has stated that Apple will not be showcasing a new iPhone but is this a really good move?

We think not and we would be interested to hear your thoughts. Judging by our readers comments in the last few months, many of you have been happy to wait for the next generation whatever it may be called. Rumors of what it may look like and what it will come with, have caused much debate and more recently, we had heard that it may end up bearing similarities to a Samsung handset such as the Nexus S.

WWDC on the 6th June would be the perfect setting to show the world a new handset, Apple would have the biggest stage and lets face it, the iPhone 4 is now a year old, as stated, too old within the phone world. As they stated which we have to agree with, is that due to the high number of phones coming onto the market that include dual-core processors, 3D, dual screens, faster 4G connectivity and so on, it makes perfect sense to bring something new and unique to the table.

So far Apple has given its fans a new iPad 2, refresh of the MacBook Pro, iMac range and news is still filtering through of a new MacBook Air update, so it begs the question, why not a new mobile phone? Is the multi-million company still trying to rid the next iPhone of “antenna problems” and the issue of signal loss, something of which we have reported on with the current iPhone 4. Even though this in itself has left many of you with a bad taste in your mouths, a huge amount of fans enter Apple retail stores, picking up hardware such as devices, cases, headphones and so on. Not only would a iPhone 5 announcement be pleasing to customers but shareholders and investors alike.

No doubt many of you would be happy to wait for the iPhone 5 knowing that it will definitely be making an appearance. All we can do is to keep everything crossed that Monday will be the day when we get that news, lets face it Steve Jobs will be present, so is this a sign that a big announcement is coming?

Tell us your thoughts? Are you hoping for a new phone?

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  • Rodney Wambles

    I have been holding out for a new iphone since they were introduced to Verizon in Feb. I thought as everyone else did, there would be a new device coming out this summer as they have always done. Now, we are all sitting in limbo, waiting to hear. I know My Blackberry is on its last leg, after almost 3 years of use, but if we dont hear something soon, I may just go ahead and buy the Thunderbolt, as much as I want to wait for the new iphone. All i ask, is let us know something, I’m sure there are other people wanting to know the same thing!!!!!!

  • Alex Grace

    I think it would be odd not to release iOS5 with out a new device that fully optimises it!

  • Alex Grace

    I think it would be odd not to release iOS5 with out a new device that fully optimises it!

  • sp

    I share the same sentiments as rodney. lol