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Galaxy S2 (S II) US Release on Sprint: Within to Arrive in July?

June 4, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Earlier today we gave news of a price and plans roundup for the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Android smartphone, once again noting that there had still been no U.S release. We know how many of our U.S. readers are eager to get their hands on the Galaxy S2 and we have news of a rumor of a U.S. release on Sprint. The Galaxy S2 for Sprint has been retitled the Within, and is due for release in July.

Long ago when we first spoke of a U.S. release for the Galaxy S2 the indications were that AT&T would be the first carrier to get this phone of the moment in the States, and although that’s still possible, at least we have some further news of release. We also previously gave you the names for the Galaxy S2 on various U.S. carriers and if you want to find out more you may find our Galaxy S2 review roundup helpful, or alternatively we also gave details of how to get an unlocked Galaxy S2 for the U.S.

This impressive handset has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and a big plus point in reviews was its excellent 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display. Apart from some reports of a screen issue there has been very little negative press about the Galaxy S2 and an awful lot of positive press. Over on Android Spin, Bryce Walter brings us the news of the Galaxy Within release on Sprint from an “anonymous Sprint inside source,” who confirmed that it would see a release on Sprint in late July. Besides that no precise date was given but apparently a rep has tipped a price of around $350, that’s before a mail-in rebate.

Meanwhile Raphael Labuguen of Pop Herald adds a little more to this release rumor on Sprint by saying that the changes for the Sprint version of the Galaxy S2, the Within, will be CDMA technology and also some Sprint apps as an addition. Labuguen also points out that this means the HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile looks likely to have at least a month on sale with no Galaxy S2 competition, that’s some headstart.

Are you waiting for the Galaxy S2 to be launched in the U.S.? Maybe you’re a Sprint customer who could be getting this handset first? Let us know your thoughts by sending us your comments.

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  • Nattalie Gaston

    its about freakin time sprint is doing something right!!!!!!! YES! Im getting this phone right as soon as it comes out! I have been waiting more than anyone! That price is crazy though! THEY HAVE TO BE WRONG ON THAT ONE!

  • Eric Bradley

    I’m looking to upgrade from the Sprint Samsung Epic to the GS2, although by late July, there may be more concrete info about the rumored Iphone 5 (4S) hitting Sprint in August/September. If this proves true, it is a game changer and will hit Samsung & HTC sales with Sprint. I’m not sure if I’ll get the GS2 if I can get the Iphone 5, especially if it is a world phone supporting both cdma/gsm variants.

  • Joey Morales

    i am conflicted! EVO 3D or Galaxy GS2? Sprint is dishing out good fones this year! i love it!

  • Denise Woodard

    The Epic was also sold for $350, with a $100 rebate, so it looks like the S2 will be priced the same way as the Epic was