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The NGP Is Sony’s E3 Showpiece: Check Out The Demo Videos

June 3, 2022 | Tim Ollason

As E3 draws closer the rumors of different consoles showing up to show off what they can do are coming thick and fast. The biggest rumor surrounds the Xbox 720 where many people have been speculating about it. Today we want to talk to you about the most powerful handheld console that has ever lived.

It’s the NGP which is Sony’s E3 showpiece courtesy of Engadget’s Sean Hollister who has collated a few videos from the Sony PlayStation blog. Unfortunately there’s also a rumor going around about the NGP and the specs being downgraded so that it can be priced similarly to the Nintendo 3DS but this isn’t confirmed.

Of the demo videos that are at the bottom of the article we took a particular interest in the Wipeout game that was being played. Something that hasn’t been talked about too much is games that are cross platform. We know that Sony is doing the new “Remaster” where you can play PSP games on the PS3 but this is a bit different, you will be able to play your game on your NGP against PS3 players and vice versa. In other words Wipeout is going to be a game that will cross over between the NGP and the PS3 and we are guessing that more games will follow. There’s also an interesting and fairly amusing thing being added to the Wipeout game and it happens at the end of the race, you get a little bit of time to show yourself gloating in victory.

In the Uncharted video they talk quite a lot about the fact that they have less buttons than on the PS3 so what they have done instead is tried to think of ways to utilize the touchscreens on the front and back of the device. They demonstrate this cool functionality and also how much the game testers used it.

What do you think of the NGP so far? We simply can’t wait for it to be released! Let us know your thoughts on the device in the comments section below.

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  • eee

    It looks really nice, I really like the power and graphics it has. It has a alot of nice features and would rather have the ps vita than a large tablet. I hope the price is reasonable, I would get one right away unless a new xbox console comes out then ill wait a little.