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Apple Patent Infrared Camera: Possible iPhone 5(4S) Feature?

There Is no denying the fact that one of the most eagerly anticipated mobile devices of the year is the iPhone 5(4S), here at OSM we have been keeping all of our readers up to date with all the current rumors and news surrounding this illusive handset.

In previous posts we have brought you a lot of information on this device, we have discussed how the device is to be challenged by Huawei Vision and have also mentioned the likelihood of seeing a possible September release date. We now have news that Apple has patented an infrared camera sensor, which makes us wonder could this be a possible iPhone 5(4S) feature?

According to this post from Engadget a recently published application detailed some interesting technology that could be pushed inside Apple’s future products, in this application it outlined the plans of pairing an infrared sensor with the devices built in camera. It appears that this sensor could receive data from transmitters placed nearby and alter the behavior of the handset.

For instance if the user of the handset was at a concert and decided to start recording the show, these transmitters could send out a signal to shut down the camera feature or even add a watermark to the video.

This technology may also be used to aid people, such as turning their phone onto silent when in a library or even launching an audio tour when in a museum or art gallery, you can read more on this in this post from Ubergizmo.

There is no clear indication as to whether or not this tech will be featuring on the new iPhone 5, but with the endless possibilities of services that it could provide we hope it does. Do you?

Do you think if a handset featured this tech it would stop people buying it?

Let us know your thoughts below