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Is The Chinese Government Involved In The Attempted Gmail Hacking?

June 2, 2022 | Matt Tran

Yesterday we got word that Google had reported an attempted hack on their Gmail service. The world’s largest search engine revealed that it was a phishing attack that tried to get into its system, and the attack originated in China.

Mashable has reported that Google has not directly pointed the finger of blame at the Chinese government, but merely stated that it is here that the attack was executed. The Chinese government has immediately sprung out to protest its innocence, by saying that allegations are “completely unfounded and made with ulterior motives.” A little suspicious?

The Chinese media has slammed Google for the accusations, saying that they have no proof to back them up. It seems that China are being very defensive over these allegations, despite Google only saying where the attack came from. It seems to me that China appear to have an essence of guilt on their consciences, but what do you think?

The attack which took place in Jinan, was looking to get personal information from hundreds of Gmail users including top US government officials, as well as Chinese political activists and officials in several Asian countries. The Chinese Government has been involved in under the radar projects concerning Google before. They blocked Gmail in China and attempted to lay the blame on a technical error on the part of Google.

It had been suggested that it was to prevent uprisings like in Egypt and Libya, but caused the opposite effect as the Chinese Gmail community was left very angry. There is still a possibility that Facebook will create China their own social network, after Mark Zuckerberg has made visits to the country and made meetings with Baidu representatives, but we know the government are very sensitive on censorship and free speech so would it work? Leave us your thoughts on the Chinese Governments involvement in these hacking attempts.

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