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Facebook Number Rise To 700 Million: Next Years 1 Billion

June 2, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Since its launch in 2004, online social networking site Facebook has managed to place itself at the number one position. Beating off other rivals such as Twitter, MySpace, Bebo and so on, the site’s fan base is continually growing and judging by current numbers today, the site could be the first to reach a staggering 1 billion by next year.

Despite criticism surrounding the site’s privacy issues and news of CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanting to abolish the age restriction, Facebook has attracted nearly 700 million users. The current figure being used from January of this year was in the region of 600 million.

According to, a stats site by the name of Social Bakers recorded that the fastest rise in users has been in the country of Brazil, with some 1.9 million users just in the month of May. Interestingly enough, the country with the biggest amount of followers, is that of America with some 149 million users with 19 million of them residing in the state of California.

So it begs the question of whether the popular site allowing you to upload and share photos, update your status, join groups of interest, add to an ever increasing friends list and so on will reach the massive 1 billion by 2012?

Are you a Facebook fan, could you live without it? Is the one billion figure achievable by next year?

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