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Hidden App Exposes Thief: Social Media Hunt & Arrest

June 1, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Only a couple of weeks ago we told about a guy who’d had his laptop stolen and managed to retrieve it with help from his Twitter followers. Today we have a similar story about a laptop theft, the Hidden app that exposed the thief and the social media hunt that followed.

This time around the story involves Joshua Kaufman who had his laptop stolen, a MacBook, from his apartment in Oakland, California, back in March. Not only did he have to suffer the loss of his MacBook but thanks to a hidden app he was then able to see pictures of the thief via the laptop, a mixed emotion I would think.

Kaufman had installed an app called Hidden, which springs into action when a laptop is stolen by gathering webcam images and screenshots, according to Brenna Ehrlich over on Mashable. Thanks to the app Kaufman was then able to see the thief, as well as gain his Google ID and now Kaufman has set up a Tumblr in a mission to get his laptop returned, This Guy Has My MacBook. It shows several images of the apparent thief but so far there’s been no joy even though Kaufman has given police details of where he thinks his laptop can be found. However, Kaufman hasn’t given up hope and said, “I believe in the power of good.”

Wowee…we just took a look at Kaufman’s Tumblr page and it seems that the police have now tracked down and arrested the guy in the photos. Way to go Hidden app! What are your thoughts on this novel way of tracking a thief? Have you had any similar experiences? Let us know with your comments.

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