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Sony PlayStation 3 Portable: eBay Current Price $1,600

May 31, 2022 | Tim Ollason

Sony has been a massive talking point for a lot of people across the world in recent times mainly because of their PSN outage that was caused by the servers being breached. Sony has since rebuilt the infrastructure and today announced that the PlayStation Store will be up and running along with some other services by the end of the week as detailed in this report.

With that being the case you have just enough time if money is no object to you to go ahead and place a bid for the Sony PlayStation 3 Portable, its current price on eBay is at $1,600. The work on creating the device started in November 2008 and has finally been completed earlier this week, but remember this is a fan made device… This is one of a kind.

It opens up much like a laptop with a giant clam-shell design and has its own external power supply, not only that but it has a snazzy keyboard and various lights around the device. It has a screen that is capable of 720p HD as well as all the normal things you would expect to see from the original PS3.

We learned of it through Engadget where Jesse Hicks who mentions that this isn’t being done for profit, the money raised by the sale will be put towards maintaining the modder’s website and a fraction of it will go towards the tornado relief efforts. You can see a full video of this bad boy at the bottom of the article.

What do you think of the portable watercooled PlayStation 3 console? Let us know in the comments section below.

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