PayPal Serve Google Lawsuit After Stealing Digital Wallet Idea

Last week Google unveiled their NFC for Android feature which lets you use your smartphone as a means of payment. The revolutionary new technology has already hit the rocks as PayPal has stepped out and claimed that NFC has their stolen idea.

In typical big boy fashion, PayPal immediately issued Google with a lawsuit claiming that they and 2 of their executives in particular had helped stitch together the Google Wallet concept by stealing trade secrets, according to Cnet. It does seem quite fishy as the 2 executives were ex PayPal employees who left to work for Google, around a year ago and started work on contactless payments right away.

Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius are the 2 employees who now work for Googe, with Bedier being their vice president of payments. News Tonight has reported that Bedier himself is being accused of stealing PayPal’s confidential information and sharing it with Google. The search engine has stated that it respects trade secrets and will defend itself against these allegations. Other ongoing lawsuits include Apple V Samsung and Facebooks fight against Paul Ceglia, looking for 50% of the company.

PayPal filed the lawsuit in California shortly after Google launched their NFC technology. Before the 2 employees left PayPal, they were apparently working to make themselves a payment option for Android. Everything looks very suspicious at the moment but it should be clear in time. Do you think Google has stolen PayPal’s idea? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.