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iPhone 5 2011 What’s In Store: Nexus S Immitation Or Not?

May 30, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

At the moment we are at the height of an Apple/Samsung battle, with both major manufacturers claiming the other is stealing design ideas from them. Rumors are circulating stating that Apple’s fifth gen iPhone could bare a shocking similarity to that of the Samsung Nexus S.

Apple’s iPhone 4 has been around for a while now and has weathered the storm over antenna signal issues that plagued it from the start. Even after an introduction of the Verizon model which had supposed aerial upgrades, issues still haunted the iPhone 4.

So thoughts are now that Apple really need to introduce a new device to cope with Samsung’s ever increasing family. Infosync are in agreement that this is a good time for the Cali company to release either an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 as they can only hold their ground with a pair of models, the iPhone 4 and the now long in the tooth 3GS.

Production of the current 4 has been cut this quarter although with previous years taken into account there is no great concerns in the short term.

Suggestions have been made that Apple are almost ready to show off a production model of the new iPhone, and that it sports a curved glass display mimicking that of the Samsung device. Reports from ZDNet state that because the iPhone model is so likely to match the Nexus S, Samsung have instructed its legal people to force Apple into giving copies to them before production. This apparently extends from the iPhone and into the iPad.

Part of the order instructs Steve Jobs and his firm to hand over samples of the final commercial model of iPhone and iPad. Whether the devices are called iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, iPad 3 or Third Generation iPad, is irrelevant. They have asked for the models and the finally packaging to be made available.

It seems unlikely that Apple will adhere to these requests believing that their future products have no relevance to the preliminary injunction motion. We will have to wait and see what the coming weeks unveil between Samsung and Apple. Tell us if you think Apple will be making a mistake to release a new device looking like the Nexus S, do we like Apple because they look like an Apple device, not a Samsung?

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