Facebook Value: Social Network Hits $87.5 Billion

When it comes to the biggest social network of them all Facebook we have heard of several valuations that it has received. Some of them are massive amounts that you have to wonder if it’s really worth that much or not. To some people Facebook goes further than money and it has become a way of life that they check constantly.

Speculation says that the value of Facebook for their IPO will be around the $100 billion marker but today we have read over on allfacebook.com that the value of the social network is in at $87.5 billion.

This news comes as the stock has seen a $3 increase from April pulling the overall value up to a new high of $87.5 billion. This follows LinkedIn’s IPO that has seen the social network for professionals valued at $8.9 billion.

Jackie Cohen of allfacebook.com also mentions that it looks like the US has got its taste for IPOs back again as we have seen LinkedIn’s one come through and we are also expecting one from Facebook too although Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t think Facebook is ready for it.

Is any social network really worth as much as this or is this over inflated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.