Facebook Scam/Virus: Website Error Offers Free Presents

In the last few months here at OSM we have been trying to keep our readers up to date with all the latest malware, virus’s and scams circulating Facebook, in recent posts we have brought you news on a number of these including the 450 free Facebook credits, the HCG diet and why you shouldn’t eat fast food.

Today we have yet more news to bring you on another Scam/virus that is currently making its rounds, this latest scam which is plaguing peoples newsfeeds is offering them free presents due to a website error.

This information comes to us courtesy of Facecrooks.com, in their post-which you can read here- they tell us that this scam is being spread via comments from a hacked Facebook account or from someone who has installed a rogue Facebook application. You can see in the image below what this scam looks like when it’s posted on your wall.

If you click on this link you will be taken to another page that says you have qualified to receive a free iPad 2, if you click on iPad hyperlink you will be redirected to if you click on iPad hyperlink you will be redirected to yet another page that asks for your email address. These tactics are nothing more than marketing gimmicks that plan to get you personal details in order to sign you up for special sponsor offers and surveys.

If you found that you have somehow managed to get yourself caught up in this or any other scams don’t worry, follow this link to a post from our very own Tim Ollason. Here you will find a simple step by step guide on how to remove these unwanted pages from you profile.

What are your thoughts on all these scams that are circulating Facebook?

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  • http://twitter.com/JoshieLambchop JoshieLambhchop

    i think i got a scam, it was from “facebook ad team” but you can tell its a fake one, and it said i can get $50 in free facebook ads.

    -Josh lamb