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PS4 And Xbox 720: Do You Think It’s The Right Time?

May 29, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With one of the biggest gaming events to take place between the 7th to the 9th June, yes you got it the E3, rumor of what we might and might not see has been rife. In posts here at OSM, we have been happy to give you news of a Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) that is due to be landing as well as suggestion of new games, Kinect Centric, Sony’s new NGP and the possibility of new 3DS games titles such as Animal Crossing and Mario Kart.

Just the other day we asked our readers whether you thought Sony would be able to come back from the recent PSN outage and how they would indeed be able to build their brand back up, particularly that of a PS4. Along with the possibility of a new console (as to when it will release is anybody’s guess) and a new Xbox 720 from Microsoft, we wanted to know firstly if both devices are really necessary and what you would like to see?

Although many gamers, possibly you included were left disappointed and frustrated by the PSN outage, you probably made the decision to stay with Sony but we do know that a percentage decided to throw in the towel, trade in their PS3 and exchange for a Xbox. So with another two consoles on the horizon, what can we expect to see. No doubt what attracts many gamers to the PS3 and the Xbox is the overall graphics quality, but as Metro pointed out, the feeling of actually playing a game is still apparent.

To push the boundaries further, both big electronic companies will need to make you feel that you are almost playing as if in a film, with graphics so advanced that it would be difficult to tell between the two. Chances are that both will have more than enough time to develop this.

Tell us what you would like to see from the two devices and are we ready for them? Is it necessary to have both, or do you think we should have a new console every year, similar to Apple? Will Nintendo steal the limelight at E3 with their news of possible screen stream technology and camera on the joystick?

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  • Trey Matanich

    i think it should come out early next year so people will have time to save up and get ready

  • Obi Alfred

    Yes its the right time. Game developers are waiting for someone to push the bar so they can make graphics even higher than the limit right now.

  • Danielson Blackburn

    yes i think its the right time to come.i want to see games more advance graphics and with new tech 3D,like virtual reality head mounted.

  • Natasha Dooley

    game developers dont want a new console as its already extremely expensive to make the games and more advanced consoles would mean for even more expensive developing costs and games would have to be sold for like $100 each new.