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New MacBook Air 2011: Could We See A5 Processor Feature?

May 28, 2022 | Mike Smith

It only seems like a short time ago we were bringing you news on the new MacBook Pro, following this we then started to bring information on the latest lineup of iMacs. Now these devices are released we have turned our attention to the to the latest MacBook Air refresh that could be hitting us sometime in June or July.

We have brought you quiet a lot of information on this new machine in previous posts, recently Debbie Turner was discussing the possibility of the new MacBook Air featuring new 1.7 & 1.8 GHz processors. Well according to recent rumors this may not be the case and we could possibly see the new MacBook Air 2011 feature an A5 processor.

In this post from Ubergizmo they say there has been a rumor floating around that Apple has built a MacBook Air with an A5 processor in and are testing it internally. For those who are not aware this processor is the same as the one that features in the iPad 2, it is known not only for its high performance but also for its low power consumption.

This move could work out really great for the new machine as it should improve the battery life as the A5 processor needs less juice to operate, although this post from Techradar explains that this could cause headaches for application developers as their software would require quiet a lot of modification to become compatible.

As there is no official word from Apple just yet (and there probably won’t be) we recommend taking this information with a very large pinch of salt, although we think this could be a pretty sweet feature in their future devices. What do you think?

Would this be something you would like to see in the next installment of the MacBook Air?

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