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Facebook Prepare To Do Legal Battle With 50% Claimant

May 27, 2022 | Matt Tran

Facebook are preparing themselves to fight off an audacious lawsuit which is asking for half the company.

Paul Ceglia who is a convicted felon and woodchip salesman, claims that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg owes him 50% of the enormous company that he helped create through funding. Ceglia loaned Mark Zuckerberg $1000 back when Facebook was just starting out, with e-mails being used to back these claims up. Mashable has reported that these e-mails are yet to be verified as accurate.

Ceglia went as far as to say that he was owed 84% of the company due to the reason that Zuckerberg promised an additional 1% for every day that the project was delayed. Eventually Zuckerberg somehow persuaded Ceglia to take 50%, which sounds bizzare although neither were to know that “the face book” would be worth billions years later. Facebook also keep fighting off legal challenges from the Winklevoss twins.

Facebook and its army of lawyers has laughed off these claims, saying that “This is a fraudulent lawsuit brought by a convicted felon, and we look forward to defending it in court”. They have heavily criticised the way that Ceglia waited 7 years to bring his claim forward, knowing that Facebook was now worth billions of dollars. As bad as this man may sound, can you blame him? Leave us your thoughts on how this legal battle will pan out?

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  • ddillaby

    his guy is just a chip off the old block

  • ddillaby

    his guy is just a chip off the old block