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Facebook Is Becoming A Social Media HUB Not A Social Network

May 27, 2022 | Tim Ollason

There have been many different things happening with Facebook in recent times. With its rise in popularity meaning that more than 500 million people have signed up for its services they are constantly trying to implement changes to keep things fresh and new. Sometimes the changes aren’t welcomed with open arms by the army of users but others are pretty good.

One that wasn’t well received and has now been forgotten about is when the profile layouts were changed; people were up in arms about it. On the other hand when they implemented the Facebook Deals that went down pretty well. Now we think Facebook is becoming more of a social media hub rather than a Social Network.

Whilst it still has all the features of a social network and it always will have, there are things happening that are pushing it further towards being a social media HUB than ever before. Take the fact that you can talk to people over Facebook using a voice service thanks to T-Mobile’s Bobsled or that Facebook and Spotify are hooking up for a new music streaming. Someone else that’s reporting similar findings is Ben Parr of Mashable, head over and have a read of his article on this link.

Now when you add those two forms of media to the ones that already exist on Facebook such as emailing, chatting, commenting, videos and photos you start to get a picture of what Facebook want long term. In our eyes they want to be a single place where you can do everything, one day mayne you will be able to watch TV through it… Who knows? You can already watch some UFC through their Facebook page so anything’s possible.

Would you say that Facebook has become a social media HUB or do you think it should still be classified as a social network? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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