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Skype Outage: Is It Down For You?

May 26, 2022 | Matt Tran

With Skype recently being purchased my Microsoft, you would expect operations to strengthen. The honeymoon period has hit a slightly rocky patch as Skype has today suffered an outage, which has reportedly stopped users from across the world using the service.

With the PSN outage fiasco recently, we thought we had heard the end of the dreaded “O” word. Skype’s team has acknowledged there is a problem and posted a response on Twitter, according to Geeky Gadgets. They have said they are investigating the situation, but have left no indication of the problem. Lets hope it is not another notorious hack.

Users from all over the world have spoken out about how they are unable to log in and make video calls. It has been reported that when you try and launch the app it crashes, with the problem affecting both Windows and Mac users. It has been suggested on Everything PR, that Skype is moving its data to Microsoft’s servers.

What is slightly worrying is that Skype has not identified the problem, however I am confident service will be resumed by the end of the day. It has not been confirmed that all Skype accounts are unavailable so if you have been lucky enough to use the service today then let us know in the comments. Equally if the outage has prevented you from logging in then also let us know.

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  • Brett Hadley

    Nope, mine won’t sign in on my desktop, yet my laptop is fine. The app crashes everytime I try to sign in. I’ve tried deleting the *fix* reccommended but it just does the same thing :