Mark Zuckerberg Declares Facebook Not Ready For IPO

As social networking use is at an all time high you would think that it makes good sense for the companies behind them to start floating on the stock market, recently we brought you news on LinkedIn and Zynga, two companies that have recently decided to take this plunge.

From what we can see so far this has been a great business move for them, so when will the biggest social network Facebook take this plunge? Well according to recent news Mark Zuckerberg has declared that Facebook simply is not ready for an IPO.

According to Zuckerberg’s “not yet” comment came during technology event EG8 Forum, whilst attending he was faced with many questions, the first of two asked by Chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe Maurice Levy was whether or not the social network would go public.

Following this Zuckerberg was then asked what he would tell heads of state and G8 industrialized nation’s leaders that he would be meeting up with today, to this he replied that he would simply be reiterating all of the things that were discussed at the EG8 conferences.

So it seems that we may be quiet a long way away from the day in which we see people being able to buy stocks in one of their favorite social networks, we look forward to the day this happens. With the great success that LinkedIn have recently had it will be interesting to see how Facebook would fair up, and whether or not they would achieve the $100 billion value that has recently been speculated.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Facebook should consider an IPO?

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